About Us

The association was formed in the summer of 2005.  The neighborhood was beginning to deteriorate with a lot of crime that was targeting restaurant workers in the evenings.  There were a lot of homeless people in the area, some of the businesses and apartment complexes were becoming a problem and there were a lot of vacancies in the centers.

We initially began as a means for the businesses to communicate more effectively.  We then got  Phoenix City Services involved and were declared a Fight Back Area (the second one in town) which included a grant, and a lot of help cleaning up the neighborhood.  Lisa Hubbard was our representative from the City of Phoenix and has been very instrumental in our success.

We have hosted several community fairs over the years, and have semi-annual meetings for members that have been attended by the mayor, city council men and various other Public Service staff.  We are also affiliated with Local First Arizona.

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