Business Signup

Madison on 16th Street Business Association

Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life and business atmosphere for everyone residing and working in the Neighborhood by:

Initiating crime prevention programs and educational awareness to increase safety, and instituting an effective means of timely communication among members

Improving the image and create an identity for the 16th St. Business Corridor

Creating a climate for redevelopment

Promoting partnership with residential neighborhoods

Association Boundaries:

51 to 12 St and Coulter to Northern


Your business listed on Madison 16 website

Name in the Madison 16 Business Directory

Copy of Business Directory – Free

Educational Seminars (held throughout the year)

Discounted fees for annual Scene on 16 Street Fair

Access to local Communication Network with businesses and community

Enhanced access to Public Services through City Neighborhood Liaisons

For members in the 16th St. Business Corridor

Participation in the Madison on 16

Involvement of group marketing

Participation in cooperative advertising

T-shirt and sponsorship sticker


$50.00 per year

Associate Memberships available for businesses outside the Association boundaries:

$25.00 per year

Send the follow info to (with your Logo):

Merchant Information

Merchant Name: _____________________________________________

Contact Name: ______________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________

City: _________________  State: _________________ Zip: ___________

Phone Number:_________________  Fax: _________________________

Emergency Phone: ____________________________________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________


Lastly, send your check to 1301 E. Maryland Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85014.